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The ‘Done’ List ✔️

I love writing a list and checking everything off and feeling that sense of accomplishment when I’ve nailed the day… well I used to…

When I only had myself to look after I would write that list with a ton of things on it and I would probably nail 80-85% of it everyday - yay me!

But since our little man came into the world (best day ever) I only get a few things a day done and it’s been leaving me with a sense of achieving nothing when I am actually doing a much more important, round the clock job in looking after the needs, doing activities that help to teach and develop and most importantly loving the best little person.

So instead of writing a daily ‘to do list’, I’m writing a ‘done list’.

At the end of the day I see all the things I’ve achieved, instead of all the things I have missed checking off and it’s leading to me achieving a little more each day.

It's been an amazing mindset change!

Give it a go.

🩵 Kelley

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