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What is N.E.A.T.? 💪🏻

N.E.A.T. stands for Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis and is such an easy, under utilised wellness practice that is low impact on your body, no special skills are needed so every single person can do and incorporate into their day.

So… what is it? It is the amount of daily energy expenditure that results from spontaneous activities we do throughout the day that is not related to pre planned exercise… so it’s basically all the movements we make in a day that aren’t in our designated workout times, your incidental exercise.

It’s the little things like walking to work, parking your car at the furthest park from the shopping centre, taking the stairs over the elevator or escalator, utilising walking or cycling instead of using your car, do walking meetings at work instead of sitting in a boardroom, gardening, cleaning your house and other housework activities, standing over sitting, even typing and fidgeting.

The idea is that you’re not trying to build muscle or get a crazy sweat up, you’re just moving your body naturally.

If we look at the areas that are Blue Zones in the world - these are the places that have the most centenarians and they’re healthy and thriving! (I’m low key obsessed with blue zones by the way 💙) these places all have incredible amounts of NEAT in their days.

Studies have found that NEAT has positive effects on blood glucose levels, reduces insulin resistance, reduces the risk of cardiovascular related diseases, strengthens bones and muscles, weight maintenance and people incorporating NEAT into their day often find more success at achieving and maintaining their weight loss goals and most importantly, and what we’re seeing in the Blue Zones, it improves your ability to continue to do daily activities and prevent falls and it increases your chances of living longer.

Have a think of the ways you could get some NEAT into your day.

🩵 Kelley


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