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Why I am in love with Compression Therapy

I've been doing compresssion therapy for a couple of months now and it's fast becoming one of my favourite self care activities.

This magic little suit creates a fluid, continuous wave of pressure through the suit, the Ballancer Pro.

I’ve had a very stiff lower lower back the past few weeks and 30 minutes relaxing and reading my book while the suit worked it’s magic has given me full mobility back in my lumbar spine... and it's not the first time. Being a mum of a toddler who's attached to my hip a lot, my lower back is taking hits continuously throughout the day and regular sessions of the compression suit have kept my back limber. I wish I had known about this special suit when I was post part in because I think it would have done wonders for my recovery.

The Ballancer Pro has been instrumental in speeding up my recovery from a knee injury. Te suit has 12 chambers on each side that scan the body to figure out the size and pressure that each of my legs need, which is amazing for my knee injury recovery where I have one leg that’s lost muscle mass and gives me a treatment that suits each leg independently. It's a tailored and personalised treatment for each individual and their bodies needs.

While I’m mainly using it for injury recovery, it also does wonders for the lympathic system by cleansing and removing excess fluid from the body’s tissue, absorbing fatty acids and moving waste out of your body, flushing metabolic waste and helps to eliminate stress and lowers acidic stress hormones like cortisol… and literally makes your skin glow post a treatment.

If you live in Western Australia, the team at Mind Body Lounge has given me a discount code to give it a try KELLEY25 💙

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do

🩵 Kelley

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Mario Ako
Sep 28, 2023

Hi, Good afternoon, ( Las Vegas time)

I'm your number fan 😍

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