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The benefits of grounding and morning light ☀️

It doesn’t happen everyday, but if I’m the first one up in the morning I’ll head outside and put my bare feet on the grass, hydrate, have my morning matcha, stretch and meditate in the early morning sun.

The combination of grounding and exposing yourself to morning light is gaining some serious traction for your health.

It helps set your circadian rhythm or sleep cycle beautifully as it signals the body to properly wake up for the day, in turn improving sleep; it balances cortisol and reduces stress; puts your nervous system in a parasympathetic state which promotes a calm state that slows our breathing rate, lowers blood pressure and improves digestion; improves your mood and increases energy for the day ahead; and morning light is a great source of vitamin D3

Some studies have also found grounding in the morning light strengthens the immune system and decreases inflammation in the body among other benefits.

These practices have loads of research looking into them at the moment and their application in biohacking our health… but the best part… these practices are completely free! You can do them anywhere, they cost you nothing and they’re easily accessible so you can start now.

If first thing in the morning isn't acheivable for your lifestyle, getting out barefoot in nature as much as you can will still benefit your body at any time, so give it a go 🌱

🤍 Kelley

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