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about Kelley...

After suffering with horrible gut health issues and being diagnosed with Coeliac disease and spending time and energy healing my gut and reversing the damage done, my interest in nutrition was piqued. I also spent much of my teenage years with injuries and found Pilates to be the best cure. I went in and out of the practice for many years until realising my body felt its strongest and happiest when I was doing it all the time.

So I pursued an education in both fields and One Wellness was born! I've now been working in the health and wellness space teaching Pilates and treating nutrition clients for over a decade.

My interest lies in the areas of fixing gut health issues, balancing hormones, attaining positive fertility outcomes, and helping people to break free of the FAD diet cycle and form a healthy and harmonious relationship with food and their bodies through education, nourishing food and mindful movement.

We are all different, there is no one size fits all way of eating, moving or choice of lifestyle so I practise a holistic, personalised approach to each and every client. My aim is for my clients to leave working with me feeling confident
and with the tools needed to live healthily and happily and enjoy their lives from here on out.

🤍 Kelley 
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