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Smile 😊

Did you know that women on average smile 62 times a day, while men only smile 8… however an adult that reports they’re really happy smiles around 40-50 times per day… and kids, well they smile around 400 times per day! We can learn so much from our little people

But apart from the fact a smile lights up your face, brings some happiness to someone having a rough day and fosters connection and care between us, smiling helps your health too by…

  • Reducing blood pressure

  • Reducing pain

  • Reducing stress by balancing cortisol

  • Increasing endurance by releasing endorphins

  • Strengthens our immune systems

So smile at all those who cross your path in a day, greet your partner with a smile in the morning, when they get home from work and before you kiss them goodnight and do more of the things that light you up and make you grin from ear to ear

🩵 Kelley


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