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How to Build the Perfect Salad

Fresh, whole food salads are one of the best parts of warmer weather.

They don’t have to be complicated or have loads of ingredients.

My go to salad structure:

• Pick a base - any kind of leaf or even something like celery that I’ve used here in my Simple Celery Salad

• Focus on an array of colours which can include both fruit and vegetables

• Add in one or a mix of fresh herbs for extra flavour and health benefits

• Choose some nuts or seeds to add some extra fibre and crunch

• Include some cheese like feta, parmesan or haloumi for some protein and healthy fats

• Add a lean source of protein if you’re not serving it alongside any

• Dress with extra virgin olive oil (@cobramestate make some delicious flavoured oils that make this easy), balsamic vinegar, tahini or yoghurt for some ideas

Experiment and enjoy!

💚 Kelley

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