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Why I believe counting chemicals is more important than counting calories

I can’t stress enough that the quality of what we eat makes a huge difference to our health

I hear people talk about sugar and saturated fat all the time, which of course we need to look at, but rarely do I speak to anyone that takes the level of chemicals in their foods into account

Any client I see struggling with any or all of unbalanced, unhappy hormones, poor gut health, low immunity, sleep struggles, lowered mood and mental wellness their children having behavioral problems… the types of products they’re purchasing need to be checked out

We all have to eat some processed products, but not all processed products are created equal. Some are ingredient heavy and those ingredients are largely numbers 👇🏻

100’s are colours - generally these are used to replace the colour due to loss of exposure to light, air, moisture and other conditions ie: margarine

200’s are preservatives

300’s are antioxidants and not the good kind in whole foods but those that oxidise the food and extend the shelf life

400’s and above are miscellaneous - things like stabilisers and thickeners used in products; we often have no idea what these are 🤯 i.e. Xanthum Gum

There is always a more nutritious choice. Some options to keep a look out for…

🍅 paste’s have a few brands now that are just tomatoes and 1% salt

🥥 @ayamaustralia coconut cream is 100% coconut kernel extract

🍖 opt for a high quality bone broth such as @bestofthebone over premade stocks or even better if you can make it from scratch 🙌🏻

🐮 @farmersuniongreekyogurt @jalna_yoghurt @tamarvalleydairy are natural Greek yoghurts that all rate highly with me and if I want to flavour it I whizz up some fruit and mix it through my natural yoghurt 🍓🫐🍑🥭🍍 natural sugars and no nasties

🧈 if you choose free range eggs and chicken, grass fed meats and wild caught fish then I recommend following suit with your butter @westgoldnz grass fed butter is a not too pricey and easy to find option

🧄🫚🌿 choose fresh or dried herbs and spices over those minced in a jar or in squeezy tubes. You’ll get better flavour and they’re much better for our bodies 👌🏻

My advice… choose processed foods with the least amount of ingredients, the main ingredient should be the first one ie tomato in tomato paste and there should be ideally no, but otherwise minimal numbers in the ingredients list and choose whole foods over processed as much as you can

🩵 Kelley

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