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Lemon Water 🍋

I would have to say that the question I get asked more than any other by clients is should they drink lemon water in the mornings?

I highly recommend that everyone drinks at least one glass of water when they wake up in the morning but adding lemon isn’t a necessity.

While lemons are great and do have health benefits, the hydration from the water is the game changing health habit here. Lemon in your water everyday can actually wear away at the enamel of your teeth so if they start to feel sensitive after you’ve started this morning ritual that may be your culprit.

If you’re thinking it’s going to be a magical detoxifier and make your body work better and feel better, you actually have organs - your liver and kidneys - that do an amazing job of doing that with or without the lemon water.

So if you like the taste then you absolutely can add it, you can add any fruit to your water for that matter, but drinking the water is the most important part.

💛 Kelley

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