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3 pieces of nutrition advice NOT to follow!

Hearing and seeing nutrition advice like this literally gives me a panic attack that people may take it as a healthy approach and adopt it!

Eat only 1200 calories a day

1200 calories is what a female child aged 4-8 years old needs in a day… this should never be an appropriate amount for an adult

Eat kid sized portions

Eating portions designed for children whether it be starter, main, dessert or snack is breeding patterns of disordered eating

Eat only low calories foods

Choosing foods based on their calorie content alone not nutritional value or ingredients list isn’t going to do you any favours. Not all calories are created equal, some whole foods may have a higher calorie count than a processed food but they don’t contain numbers ie chemicals, artificial sweeteners and do contain things our body needs like nutrients and fibre

Both physically and mentally these pieces of advice are terrible!

Physically you need food to function, for strength, for your organs to maintain their health and work together properly and complete important jobs they have such as detoxification. If you work out on top of being in a low deficit, you won’t see the results you’re chasing.

Processed foods over whole foods will reek more havoc with your gut health than if you eat foods straight from nature and a lot can be low in calories but hold little to no nutritional value.

Mentally, your brain cannot function correctly on lack of sustenance and/or poor nutritional choices. Increased anxiety, poor decision making, inability to concentrate, poor ability to cope, just to name a few. It also may promote patterns of disordered eating which is a culture we are ideally trying to eliminate as best we can.

I would recommend running from any health professional giving out this advice. If you’ve been given advice like this, and would like some clarity around it, please feel free to reach out via email -

💙 Kelley

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