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2016... On your marks, get set, GO!

January 13, 2016


Happy New Year beautiful followers! 2016 is most definitely going to be a year to remember and starting it off with the right habits will set you up to reach all your health and wellness goals.


The start of the year tends to bring resolutions of personal goals relating to diet and exercise, but sticking to those plans can sometimes be harder than we expect. Instead of fixating on a number on the scales or the clothing size you most want to be try focusing on the overall feeling you want to walk through this year with and the attitude to food and exercise you want to have.


When I think about fresh, healthy, unprocessed food I think of taste, quality and satisfaction- not deprivation! and when I think of exercise I think of sweating out nasty toxins and moving my body to increase it's flexibility and strength - not it being a chore!


What we put into our bodies is 80% of the battle of feeling and looking great for the year ahead. So here are my tips on all the other reasons you should aim to eat a healthier diet that have absolutely nothing to do with shrinking your waistline... that will just be a fantastic by product of being a healthier you!




Love Kelley xx



You'll feel happier


The nutrients in fresh, unprocessed foods contain vitamins such as Omega 3's, vitamin D, antioxidants and many more that work to balance the mood regulating hormones in your brain leading to a more positive state of mind



You'll sleep better


Sleep time is healing time and sugars and trans fats found in processed and junk-type foods interrupt our sleep cycle as our bodies find it harder to process these toxins and repair our bodies during rest so we don't get the quality REM (Rapid Eye Movemement - deepest phase of sleep in the sleep cycle) sleep we deserve at the end of our busy days



It's a cancer blaster


Healthy eating is the key to warding off an array of common cancers with particularly strong evidence in relation to breast cancer and hormone dependent cancers. Research has shown that mushrooms have a strong link to keeping your estrogen levels in check and slow the growth of tumours. Little miracle workers!



It reduces inflammation


As someone who lived with an inflammed tummy for a long time - it is no fun! Inflammation is the common marker that shows up in people's systems diagnosed with most cancers, so reducing inflammation in our bodies should be a massive priority



It boosts your immunity

A good diet makes for a stronger and healthier body to fight off any nasties and if we start this pattern now then winter should be a breeze! It also links hand in hand with reducing inflammation, if your inflammed your body has to work harder to keep your immune system healthy, so a healthy gut leads to a healthy everything else



It boosts your fertility 


Everything you put in your mouth not only effects your body but the immune system and overall health of any child you plan to have either now or in the future so give your little ones the best chance by eating clean and fresh



It prevents osteoporisis


It's really important to get your required calcium intake and while we are the highest consumers of dairy in this country we have one of the highest rates of osteoporosis in the world! Make sure to also incude lots of leafy green vegetables, fish and fresh fruit to also meetyour calcium requirements



You'll live longer!!


This is just common sense! The healthier you are the less likely you are to have major health complications as you age and also the stronger you are to fight them if they do effect your health 





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