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Rocking out! x

December 9, 2015


Rocking is one of my favourite exercises. I am really dominant through my hip flexors and once my hips grip I find it difficult to get into extension through my thoracic spine (rib cage) so rocking is the perfect exercise for my body to keep limber and open (*please see contraindications at the end of the page before attempting). Enjoy! 


Love Kelley xx


1. Start by lying on your tummy on your mat

2. Bend your knees and bring your heels towards your bottom and reach your behind you and hold onto the outside of your ankles (this can be done one side at a time)

3. As you inhale, lift your chest and head off the mat, bringing your spine into extension and push the tops of your feet into your hands. You can repeat the above process a couple of times to get your body comfortable in this position

4. As you exhale rock your body forward, bringing your heels towards your bottom

5. As you inhale rock your body back, pushing your feet into your hands

6. Repeat the above movements as you inhale and exhale between 4-6 times


Things to watch for:

- be careful you don't rock forward and back leading with your head and pulling through your neck

- don't hyperextend into your lower back (lumbar spine). Remember that nothing should ever feel acutely painful on the mat.

- Keep your abdominals on!



*If trying this at home, if you suffer from any of the following conditions this exercise is not appropriate for you:

- stenosis

- spondylolisthesis

- facet joint syndrome

- pelvic instability - sacroiliac joint (SIJ) dysfunction, pubic symphisis separation

- osteitis pubis

- total hip joint replacement

- trochanteric bursitis





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