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Summer Body Bootcamp starts… NOW!

August 27, 2015


Summer is just around the corner (hallelujah!!!) so it's time to start moving your body that little bit more to strengthen and tone up for beach days and bikinis. 


Side Plank is one of my favourite exercises! It is a fantastic weight bearing exercise for building your upper body strength and working your core. It can be pretty challenging if you have any shoulder or wrist instability or injury but there are a few variations where you can still get the benefits for your core and work within your own limits. Remember the number one rule with all exercises is ‘listen to your body’*. If you have any questions about the exercise I would love to hear from you so feel free to shoot me an email at


Love Kelley xx


  • Keep your hip bone on the ground and line your ankle, bottom and shoulders up. If you’re not sure if you’re straight then you can line yourself up with the back of your mat as guidance

  • Cross your top foot in front of your bottom foot and make sure your wrist (of the arm you are lifting with) is placed on the mat directly in line with your shoulder

  • Inhale to prepare and exhale as you lift the hip up towards the ceiling keeping the body in a nice strong, long line

  • We really want to maintain a strong neutral spine here so squeeze your glutes to stabilise you and take a bit of heat off the upper body; keep the belly drawn to your spine; and make sure there’s a little bit of softness in the elbow so you’re not locking out through the joint

  • We don’t want to collapse into the underside of our body so make sure you keep that lower oblique sling working to hold you up

  • Reach your free hand to the sky if you want an extra challenge and hold for 1 minute (or as long as your body says it’s comfortable to) and then control the body back down to the mat and repeat on the other side


  • if you want to make the exercise more challenging you can stack one foot on top of the other

  • if you want to take it down a notch you can have your bottom leg bent with your top leg extended long, both legs bent, come down from your wrist to your forearm, or a combination of them - these variations are best for people with any shoulder or wrist pathologies


*do not attempt these exercises if you have any acute injuries or are unsure as to whether this is an appropriate exercise for you to do before consulting a professional. If you have any questions feel free to shoot them through to me at

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August 2, 2015

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