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Parsley 🌱

One of my favourite herbs to use in my kitchen for the delicious flavour and amazing health benefits

I use it both dried and fresh, depending more so on the meal that I’m cooking and which one will suit the meal, either will provide you with extra nutrients and a way to flavour your food without processed sauces, rubs etc

Parsley is an antioxidant powerhouse that prevents damage to the cells in your body and reduces oxidative stress which may lower your risk of developing chronic health diseases and some cancers

It is rich in vitamin c so great for a strong immune system as well as vitamins A, K and folate and it helps to balance blood sugar and support heart, kidney and bone health

I add it to eggs, savoury muffins, pasta salads, fish, chicken, beef, and lamb as seasoning, roasted veggies… it is a really versatile herb 🌿 so sprinkle away!

🩵 Kelley

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