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Health Checks and Screenings 🩺

Each year or when they’re due, regardless of your age or how healthy your lifestyle, you should be getting certain things checked by your doctor

I’ve just finished all my health checks that covered everything from post natal checks, to yearly bloods to skin, cervical, breast and bowel cancer screenings

Why do I do these?

Because our bodies go through a lot of hormonal changes during pregnancy, because I have conditions in my genetics to screen for and mostly because catching things early in your body is a far better situation then waiting until you feel unwell to check up on yourself

These are the things I recommend you book, if you haven’t done them lately:

• yearly bloods - full blood count, full nutrient profile, hormones, thyroid, liver and kidney function, insulin, cholesterol

• blood pressure

• any early cancer screenings you may need such as skin cancer check, breast ultrasound and mammogram, gastroscope/colonoscopy, Pap smear, heart health check (if 45 years or older or have a genetic history) and anything else that screens for genetic conditions in your family history

Some of these checks you need to have a family history to access, others are for everyone and what I consider as maintenance for our bodies. If you want to know what’s what, please feel free reach out to me -

Screenings and health checks aren’t a whole lot of fun, I too find them pretty daunting and stressful but they are the best way to keep us healthy for longer and if something is going on in our bodies, the ability to catch it in early stages

You are entitled to a yearly blood test and screenings so if your GP won’t do them unless you’re feeling sick then you may need to go hunting for one who is thorough and will allow you a yearly checkup

Prevention is key and these pretty simple tests save our lives so please book your health checks

🩵 Kelley


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